The Process


The process of cleaning your air conditioners is efficient and safe.

We use a specialized water system. Far superior to air.

Aircon cleaners in Cairns are in plentiful supply,
make sure you understand the process they use as some are using outdated techniques which are a far worse investment of your money.

CCA are locally based aircon cleaners (not a franchise).  And he will be using a modern hydrocleaning system to flush your airconditioner with a technique outlined in the slideshow below.

Step 1: Under The Covers

We remove all the required panels to access the deep, dark, hidden internals of your aircon.

Screwing an aircon cover

Step 2: Setup Aqua Collection

Special hydro cleaning systems means we need to protect vital components so they can be cleaned properly.

Covering an aircon prior to cleaning

Step 3: Enzyme Treatment

Cleansing enzymes break down all sorts of nasties and loosen biofilms before washing

Aircon enzymes

Step 4: Hydro Flush

High pressure water cleaning system flushes everything out of your aircon. We also wash all the panels for good measure

Hydro cleaning an Aircon

Step 5: Prepare Unit to Reassemble

Clean the mould, stains, dirt and bugs from the plastic components of your Air con.

Aircon cover washing

Step 6: Reassemble & Clean

All components are wiped and treated. The air conditioner unit is switched on to run the lines and your aircon is now clean.


Enjoy Cleaner Cooler Air!

Screwing an aircon cover

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