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Do you want to save money AND clean your Aircon at the same time?

Did you know that cleaning your aircon can save you up to 20% on your annual power bill?

Despite this - only a few people that own an aircon actually clean it each year!

We understand it can be hard to remember and organise.  When the weather is hot - you want to use the thing.  And when it's cold, it somehow seems to be forgotten!

That's why we run regular promotions that are added ON TOP of our regular great prices!

We figure that if a financial incentive can help motivate you to a cleaner, more efficient, more Economic cooling solution, then we have done our part for both you, and the environment.

So have a look at the discount options below and mention them when contacting us for a deal that will be sure to keep you checking back!

Corporate Cleaning

Are you the maintenance manager for a corporate type residence? We have some of the most flexible time schedules available and we can provide BIG discounts to multiple unit dwellings.

Body corp? Government? Offices? School buildings? Anything goes!

Simply mention a "Corporate Discount" when contacting us!

Hotel & Airbnbs

No matter what time of year it is, it's a good idea to clean your Air conditioner.  We can do cleaning callouts for hotel rooms, offices or even Airbnb properties.

Simply mention the "Hotel/Airbnb Discount" when contacting us!

Multi-Unit Discount

Australians are a lucky bunch.  Many people have multiple aircon units.  Maybe in different rooms or spread out over several properties.

If you're looking at cleaning and maintaining all of them it can be quite costly though.  That's why we offer a discount for multiple units.

Simply mention our "Multi-Unit Discount" when contacting us!

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